third Level of Studies. Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are regulated by the relevant provisions of Law No. 4485/2017 as currently in force, and by the Department's Regulation of Doctorate Studies .

Doctoral studies aim, firstly at producing breakthrough scientific research of high level, and secondly at creating scientists who are competent to contribute to the progress of science, education and its applications.

The School’s doctorate holders are intended to become researchers, entrepreneurs and academics in Greece and abroad. Doctoral Studies Programmes function as a source of academic prestige and international acknowledgement for the Schools and the University in general, and they contribute to the improvement of research production, with emphasis on the publication of scientific papers that are written within the programme framework.

Outdated provisions:

  • Law No. 3685/2008
  • AUTH Regulation of Postgraduate Studies (Senate of Special Composition convention No. 127/2-2-2011).

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