completed doctoral dissertations

Completed Doctoral dissertations in the Department of Early Childhood Education since 2013

  1. Adaptations and amendments in Alexandros Papadiamantis' short stories, translated in modern Greek for children and young people
  2. Teacher’s and future teacher’s views in relation to the management of religious diversity and the practice of prayer in school as an element of national education
  3. Identity texts and research approaches at preschool level
  4. Developing a scale for the assessment of early childhood educators' social self-efficacy and examining its relation with teacher-child interactions and child outcomes
  5. Language and ideology in the practice of secondary school greek language teachers
  6. Sustainable development in environmental education school programs in primary education: dimensions of programs and teachers' perceptions
  7. Attidudes and professional characteristics of educationalists involved in environmental education between 1985 and 2014.
  8. Intertextuality as a structural element in modern narrative for children and its teaching approach
  9. Evaluation of home learning environments in Greece
  10. Occupational and school stereotypes of school children
  11. The educational choices of families during the period of the economic financial crisis. The educational "path" of the students and their families from the kindergarden to the university
  12. The impact of differentiated instruction on kindergarden children's achievement  
  13. Children's literature and its adoptations to the context of the target-civilisation: the case of Roald Dahl's works
  14. Citizenship education for primary school pupils: educational approaches and practices.
  15. Contemporary picture short story: social literacy and creative writing-based teaching approaches in preschool education
  16. Adaptations of greek folktales for children: a case study
  17. The formation and operation of the joint greek - turkish cultural committee and their significance for minority education in Greece and Turkey (1951-1974)
  18. Implementation of a kinetic and rhythmic intervention program and innovative methods of evaluating primary students' rhythmic ability
  19. Emergences of identities and otherness in modern fictions of greek and turk authors
  20. The Byzantium in children's literature from 1955 (year of establishment og the women's literary society) until today. Comparative and ideologiacal approach
  21. Study and development of digital environments: the role of childhood users in their design
  22. Science-pedagogical content knowledge in primary education
  23. Relationships among working memory, executive functions, and reading ability in preschool and first grade schoolchildren
  24. Physical education through global education" : an interventional program in secondary education"
  25. The effect of a music-education program, based on ethnomusicological data, in intergration of children in contemporary intercultural school.
  26. Interventions for mathematical generalization in children aged 5-7 years
  27. Students' written text production and revision practices as a sociocultural process: an action research study of fourth grade students
  28. Language and cognitive correlates of language disordered preschooler children
  29. Mathematics pedagogical content knowledge and teaching practices in early childhood education: the case of area measurment
  30. Assessing educational programs for intellectually disabled students in special primary schools
  31. Characteristics of social relations among primary school students with mild intellectual disabilities and their peers
  32. Space as a physical learning environment into the cooperative kindergarten: implementation in the teaching of literature texts
  33. Female gender in literary and autobiographical texts of Penelope delta: female characters and their gendered representations
  34. Citizenship education in modern multicultural era. Educational approaches and strategies.
  35. The pedagogical development of the school environment in the configuration of a cooperative educational setting. Implementation in a mathematical activities program in kindergarten
  36. National celebrations and intercultural approach in multicultural greek kiindergarten: a case study

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