completed doctoral dissertations

Completed Doctoral dissertations in the Department of Early Childhood Education since 2013

  1. Physical education through the philosophy of global education: an interventional program in the secondary education
  2. Design and development of digital environments: the role of early childhood students
  3. Teaching intervention for mathematical generalization in children aged 5-7 years
  4. Byzantium within children’s literature: a focus from 1955 (the year The Women’s Literature Association was founded) until today: a comparative and ideological approach
  5. Students’ written - text production and revision practices as a sociocultural process: an action research study of fifth grade students
  6. Language and cognitive correlates of language disordered preschooler children
  7. Μathematics pedagogical content knowledge and teaching practices in early childhood education: the case of area measurement
  8. Assessing educational programs for intellectually disabled students in special primary schools
  9. Characteristics of social relations among primary school students with mild intellectual disabilities and their peers
  10. Space as a physical learning environment into the cooperative kindergarten: implementation in the teaching of literature texts
  11. Gender in literary and autobiographic texts of Penelope Delta: feminine literary characters and gendered presentations
  12. Citizenship education in modern multicultural era: teaching approaches and practices
  13. The pedagogical developent of the school environment in the configuration of a cooperative educational setting: implementation in a mathematical activities program in kindergarten
  14. National celebrations and intercultural approach in multicultural greek kindergarten: a case study
  15. Literature, picture and cinema in primary education: their contribution to the development of multimodal literacy
  16. The management of diversity in the school subject of physical education in compulsory education: an approach to the discourse of textbooks in terms of critical peace education

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