Postdoctoral Research


a/a postdoctoral researcher postdoctoral research title supervisor decision of approval by the Department's Assembly Start end
1 Zacharis Georgios ΜΟΟCs in Higher Education: Learning Technologies in Physics Education Tsitouridou Melpomeni Meeting no: 13/25.5.2017 1/3/2017 7/2/2020
2 Aggelaki Rosy "Byzantium in contemporary children's informational books. Comparative and ideological approaches. Digital educational scenario" Kanatsouli Melpomeni Meeting no: 16/17.5.2018 17/5/2018 ongoing
3 Soulioti Danae "Folktales on the Internet" Kanatsouli Melpomeni Meeting no: 09/06.12.2018 6/12/2018 ongoing
4 Kanakaris Venetis Training of third age people in the use of smart phones, by promoting communication and their social networking, improving their everyday life and the use of their free time Pavli - Korre Maria Meeting no: 13/13.02.2020 13/2/2020 ongoing
5 Mavidou Anastasia "Capitalizing on children's Funds of Knowledge through Differentiated Instruction for facilitating learning skills in kindergarten" Kakana Domna Meeting no: 22/15.4.2021 15/4/2021 ongoing
6 Konstantinidou Zoi Investigating construction play in Kindergarten: Children's interactions and learning opportunities with building materials and loose parts Papandreou Maria Meeting no: 24/13.5.2021 13/5/2021 ongoing


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