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Βιβλιοθήκη της Παιδαγωγικής Σχολής


The Library of the School of Early Childhood Education, which is part of AUTH Central Library, is housed on the 2nd floor of the Education Faculty Tower.

The Library contains texts and books related to the field of study of the School, for the purposes of teaching and research and for the information needs of students during their studies or after they graduate. It operates in collaboration with the Library of the School of Primary Education.


All those who enter the AUTH libraries’ premises with the intention of using the library material for educational and research purposes are identified as AUTH Library System users.


Library members are all those entitled to borrow the library material, falling into one of the following categories:

  1. AUTH Faculty Members
  2. AUTH Doctoral Candidates
  3. Undergraduate and Postgraduate AUTH Students

Library card

The card, which has the same form among all AUTH libraries, is issued free of charge (for the faculty members and the students of the School upon application) by the School’s Library and is valid for use at every AUTH Library and Study.  Especially for the School’s students that own a student identity card, there is no issuance of a new card. Instead, their account is activated and it receives a “user” status (upon application at the Library). After this procedure, they are able to borrow material using their student identity card. External members should contact the Library.

Contact the Library

Nouni Andriani Tel. 991242 email:

Papazoglou Angeliki Tel. 995047 email:

Note: For more information regarding the operation of AUTH libraries, please visit:


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