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Current research
  1. Movement as a means for interdisciplinary approaches
  2. Active/kinetic way of living - preservice teachers attitude
  3. Dance and kinetic game as means of nonverbal communication

1998 : Ph.D. in the Department of Early Childhood Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Thesis: Rhythmic Education as a means of Education in Preschool Age: a combined program of Rhythmic and Kinetic Education

1982: B.Sc in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Specialty in Rhythmic Gymnastics

1986: International Judge for Rhythmic Gymnastics , "breve" by International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.) 

Recent publications
Books / text books - University Notes
  1. Chatzigeorgiadou, Sofia, Pavlidou, Eva, & Arvanitidou, Virginia (2018). Social inclusion of nonnative children in Greek educational settings: an Intercultural Physical Education paradigm. E-book. (pages: 109). Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-613-8-29199-
  2. Pavlidou, E. (2012). Rhythmic and Kinetic Education in Preschool Education: Theory and Practice (344 pages), Zygos ed. ISBN: 978-960-8065-87-1, Thessaloniki [in Greek]
  3. Pavlidou, E. (2011 revised). Introduction in Rhythmic and Movement Education". University Notes (text book) for School of Early Childhood Education, Thessaloniki [in Greek]
  4. Pavlidou, E., Apostolidou, E., Giannitsopoulou, E. & Triantafyllou, A. (1988). Rhythmic Gymnastics. University text book, for the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, ed. AUTh Publishing Services, Thessaloniki [in Greek]
  5. Pavlidou, E., Giannitsopoulou-Florou, E. & Triantafyllou, A., & Apostolidou, E. (1988). Rope, hoop, clubs and ribbon in Rhythmic Gymnastics. University text book, for the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, ed. AUTh Publishing Services, Thessaloniki [in Greek].
Articles in peer reviewing journals / Congress proceedings / Chapters in books
  1. Pavlidou, E. (2020). Movement and arts for learning and wellbeing: interdisciplinary and intercultural dimensions in preschool and primary education. Book chapter in Art and Sports: artistic, pedagogical and social dimensions (H. Zaragas, ed.). Athens: Pedio Α.Ε., ISBN 978 - 960 -9552-62-2, . 169-183 [in Greek].
  2. Kastrinaki, A., & Pavlidou, E. (2020). "Riham feels that she' s special": movement artistic expression's effects in refugee children's self-image. In Panhellenic Crossscientific Congress' Proccedings "Multicultural school in 21st century: teaching methods, good practicies and cultural skills (Corfu, 4-6/10/2019) pp. 333-351 [in Greek].
  3. Lola, A., & Pavlidou, E. (2020). Dance in kindergarten and its contibution to children's social skills and movement quality development. Book chapter in Art and Sports: artistic, pedagogical and social dimensions (H. Zaragas, ed.). Athens: Pedio Α.Ε., ISBN 978 - 960 -9552-62-2, pp 349-366 [in Greek].
  4. Konstantinidou, E., & Pavlidou, E. (2019). Inter-disciplinary creative teaching: blending Physical Education and Visual Arts pre and primary school curriculum standards through embodied learning experiences as Performing Art activities. InSEA publication, IMAG No 7, 59-65.
  5. Kyriazis, D., Pavlidou, E., Barkoukis, V., & Fotiadou, E. (2019). Effects of a Music-Movement Program in Elementary School Physical Education Classes on Pupils’ Motor Skills. Journal of Education and Practice, 10 (21), 94-100.
  6. Chatzigeorgiadou, S., Pavlidou, E., & Galkanopoulou, O. (2019). Team of kinetic and rhythmic education in the 2nd experimental kindergarten: Movement activities aiming in improving children's narrative skills. In Congress' Proccedings "Creativity and novelty in educational settings: starting through the long experience of experimental and model schools. (Athens, 2-4/11/ 2018), pp. 717-724 [in Greek]..
  7. Kastrinaki, A., & Pavlidou, E., & Lenakakis, A. (2018). "Sarev" means friendship: a multi-artistic program in a meeting of cultures. In Panhellenic Congress' Proccedings "A school open to social and pedagogical challenges" (Thessaloniki, 5-6/5/2018), pp. 272-285 [in Greek].
  8. Kyriazis, D., Pavlidou, E., Barkoukis, V., & Fotiadou, E. (2018). Measuring Rhythmic Ability: Validation of a Digital Rhythmic Ability Evaluation Tool (DRAET). The Physical Educator, 75, 774–793.
  9. Pavlidou, E., Chatzigeorgiadou, S., & Galkanopoulou, O. (2018). Movement development through a  physical education and children's literature interdisciplinary program in kindergarten. Dialogoi! Theory and Praxis in Education Scienses, 4, 39-61 [in Greek].
  10. Pavlidou, E., Sofianidou, A., Lokosi, A., & Kosmidou, E. (2018). Creative Dance as a tool for developing Preschoolers’ Communicative Skills.(p: 13) European Psychomotricity Journal, Vol 10, p. 3-15.
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  12. Lampaki OlympiaPavlidou Eva, Antoniou Panagiotis, & Kyridis Argyrios (2017). The Impact of Globalization and ICT in Greek High School Physical Education. International Journal of Research in Engineering, IT and Social Sciences, Vol. 7 no.2 p. 1-13.
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  29. Pavlidou, E. (1985). How dance can affect the personality. Consideration and Practice, Vol 27, pp 82-86 [in Greek]


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