Registrar’s Office

The School’s Secretariat is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate student matters related to:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate student registrations/suspensions of studies/student re-registrations/transfers/registrations after graduate admission examinations/ERASMUS registrations.
  • Keeping personal files for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Implementing the programme of studies regarding course registration, grades, lists of graduates, graduation ceremonies, doctoral degree conferments, entering and binding coursebooks and courses within the “Eudoxus” electronic system of coursebook registration, which is organised by the Ministry of Education, reviewing and authorising the provision of student identity and fare reduction cards, etc.
  • Issuing certificates and qualifications, studies certificates, detailed transcripts, certificates of student performance for housing grants, copies of diplomas and diploma membranes, etc.
  • Stipendia, student loans and grants, provision of healthcare booklets.
  • Providing information on AUTH programmes and activities.
  • Updating announcement board in print and in electronic form.

Secretariat members are:


Eleni Nalmpanti email:


Kasimitziki Ksenia, Tel.: 2310 995058
Pappa Maria, Tel.: 2310 995059, email:
Tamisoglou Parthena, Tel.: 2310 995064, Fax: 2310 995032, email:

The secretariat is located on the 2nd floor of the Education Faculty Tower.

Practicum secretariat (6th floor): Gazani Erato, Tel.: 2310 991294 email:


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